Thursday, March 5, 2009


My major influences from early childhood were the works of Milton Glaser, Aubrey Beardsley and Will Bradley. I choose these artists as influence because it's neat and simple.
Milton Glaser's work is like a shape of a person's face or body in black or color. Most of this work has like curve lines for the hair and so many different colours. So I did a bit different like his work and made the real hair different colour. It's like spikey hair with so many different colours and you see people with those spikey hairs around you.
Aubrey Beardsley's artwork is black and white. It's so simple and it's art nouveau era. So I drew a flower to make it simple and in black and white to combine them together with the spikey hair image.
Will Bradley distinctive and innovative of typography. He use eccentric font on most of his work and it's always at the top or bottom of the poster.

I got A minus for this influence poster ^_^

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